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Photo by Jaimie Ellis Photography

Mercedes Brandt is a photographer and visual artist specializing in portraiture and photographic essays.

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Fuji XT4

In 2020 I finally made the leap and purchased a primary Fuji body to replace my Canon 5D Mark iii which was my primary camera since I started as a student of photography and then professional in 2016. I can say with zero regrets, that Fuji has renewed my passion for photography. Every time I hold it in my hands. It is an extension of my creative self and a tool which fuels my work and love for creating meaningful images. My lens collection is still growing, but my favorite glass right now is the FUJINON XF 56mm F1.2 R and the FUJINON XF 23mm F1.4 R.

Fuji X100f

The Fuji X100f was the gateway camera to my Fuji mania. I acquired a used, souped up body in very good condition from The Camera Company in Madison when I was still selling cameras as my day job. The day I picked up the X100f, my outlook on how an image could be created changed. I was obsessed with the build, quality, and strait out of camera JPGS with FujiFilm simulations that I did not need to edit before publishing. Let's just say I also sold a lot of Fuji X100f cameras after that. And I still carry this along for every trip and session to get BTS snapshots that I always end up loving more than any photo capturing medium.

Godox AD400Pro

Although I have many light sources I use when creating photographs, whether in studio, or on location, I have recently upgraded to the Godox series. Mostly recently, the AD400 with a 42" Parabolic Softbox from the

MoLight Store in DeForest, WI. I still have my two long-time Photogenic strobes, but they are beasts to take on location and need an AC power source. The Godox is portable and weighs only a little more than 4 lbs. It has been an amazing tool and syncs with my Fujis using a Fuji Xpro transmitter.

(Photo by Eleanor Kathryn Photography)

Mercedes and her wife, Emma Brandt

Captured in 2020 with the Fuji X100f

Mercedes and Emma's cat, Inky.

Kind Words from Clients

- Becca Stiles-Stiles-Nogosek (Events Manager and coordinator)

A. Mercedes photographed our fundraising event for our non-profit organization. Mercedes was cheerful, laid back, punctual, professional and fun.

She has a great spirit and documented our event efficiently and effectively. I have not had an event photographer that a guest came to me to compliment before, and that happened with Mercedes at this event. I would definitely hire her again and recommend her to others who are looking for a photographer with a great eye.

- Allison Roe - (Editor for About Healthy Living and local Rochester, MN writer)

A. She was professional and fun and made me feel incredibly comfortable!

After one pop up session, I am sold! Mercedes did an incredible job suggesting poses and making me feel comfortable and natural. The finished images are stunning, she is so gifted and I absolutely recommend her for photos!

- Rebecca Bedell - (Madison, WI Writer for Our Lives Magazine Article)

A. Mercedes was a joy to work with, maybe the best photoshoot I've ever had. I had high hopes for what my professional photos would look and feel like, and our shoot fulfilled all of those hopes and more. As a gender-nonconforming person it's rare and valuable to feel as natural and empowered in front of the camera as I did.

Mercedes and I just really clicked - there was a natural flow to the poses and backdrop changes, and I always felt like I had agency to adjust myself or present myself how I wanted. I didn't feel rushed. I felt respected and I had lots of fun!

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