Madison to Santa Fe


After COVID 19 slowed down in May of 2021, my wife and I decided to embark on a road trip from our home in Madison, WI to Santa Fe, NM.

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R.I.P On Set Film Stills

Milwaukee, WI | 2021

A short independent film written, produced and Directed by, Carol Brandt. Filmed in January 2021 in Milwaukee, WI, this gallery explores the moments in-between the making of this story.

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Farm Cats

Albany, WI | 2020

These scrappy outdoor farm cats survive the cold Wisconsin winters with a little help from their friends. Discover the inmate world of these furry creatures.

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Interior Sunflowers

Madison, WI | 2020

Vibrant portraits of wilting sunflowers, documented just 30 minutes before they reach their final destination, the humble trash can.

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Milwaukee Outing

Milwaukee, WI | 2019

Milwaukee, WI | Museum of Art
Pre-COVID Times (lets remember). A photo essay of an afternoon in Milwaukee, WI.

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